Sneezing A Lot? Having Trouble Sleeping? It’s Time to Get CleanRest!

CleanRest’s mission is “to help you get a better night’s sleep. And not just better, but healthier.”

Ahh! Isn’t that exactly what you’re pining for?

Calling it “The World’s Cleanest Bedding,” CleanRest’s products protect you from bed bugs, dust mites, pollen, mold spore, pet dander, liquids, stains and more.

It all started because Founder Gary Goldbergs “oldest child began suffering from nighttime breathing and sleeping difficulties. Numerous doctors agreed that his problems were due to the harmful micro-toxins, allergens and dust mites that live inside everyone's mattress and pillows. I decided to use my textile-science background to help my son.

My family has three generations of experience designing and manufacturing some of the world's finest high-performance fabrics. Armed with this knowledge, I created MicronOne fabric technology, the first fabric that's able to block even the tiniest micro-toxins, creating a breathable barrier between you and them.”

My guy and I don’t have any major sleep complaints. We work strange hours sometimes, both being writers, but mostly we assumed our sleep was pretty normal, considering.

Every morning we’d get up (the cat too), and go about our work, but we’d sneeze like crazy. I always assumed it was the cat’s fur or the dry air while we slept.

Then I got CleanRest. I was interested to see if it changed our sleep at all.

We tried the Queen Size Bed and Box Spring Encasements, along with 3 Standard Pillow Encasements and one CleanRest Allergy Free Pillow.

Getting the box spring cover was interesting. We had to take the mattress off (we leaned up against the rad beside the bed, driving our cat Cosmo crazy with excitement and a whole new fort to play under) and then slip the encasement over the box spring. The encasement has one opening at the bottom, so you have to kind of shush it over the mattress one side at a time bit by bit, very much like pulling up a pantyhose leg. My guy held one end up as I went from side to side pulling it down. Once it’s on, you just zip up the end. And voila – it’s completely closed up and protected.

Then we did the same thing with the mattress.

Covering the pillows was much easier, let me tell you.

And then we put the sheets on and went to bed.

The next morning, we got up and it wasn’t until the afternoon I realized that we hadn’t sneezed (I know because usually there’s a flurry of gesundheits going around.

Same thing the following morning.


The feel of the encasements is different than I thought they’d be- the material is like a slippery cotton that rustles and feels slightly plastic-y, but only slightly.

Once they’re under the sheets though, you don’t feel a thing, though you’ll probably hear a rustle when you move.

This however, didn’t affect our sleep in the least. We slept our usual wonky hours, but the sneezing has since ceased.

Well, except that now Cosmo sneezes in the mornings... awww!

Should you have the healthiest sleep you can have?

I think so.

CleanRest is an affordable way to get a healthier sleep. And the encasements are all waterproof, yet machine washable and extremely breathable.

I honestly feel that even if I don’t sleep completely through the night, I am still getting better sleep than before CleanRest came along.

Stephanie Dickison

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