Nespesso's Home Espresso Machine Is Easy to Use and Delivers The Best Crema!

First, we got a pod coffee machine. We had initially resisted because it seemed like something only lazy people would use.


Then we resisted because we thought the coffee itself would be terrible.

Wrong again.

We love our coffee pod machine and in fact, have become increasingly more annoying and evangelical with friends and family about it - Why don't you have one yet? Are you CRAZY?!

So when I found out that there was a new machine dedicated to just making espresso by Nespresso, AND it used capsules, similar to our coffee pods, I knew that it would be hard to resist the temptation. Only problem was - where would I put it?

I made room where I was convinced we had none - it's amazing what you can do when a little bit of motivation in the guise of caffeine enters the picture.

There are so many things to love about our little Nespresso Essenza D90.

First of all, it's good looking. And it's fairly small, so even if you have a small kitchen (shout out to Allison in New York!), you can probably wedge it in somewhere. I mean, if we could do it, you certainly can.

Secondly, the coffee is damn good and I've never seen a machine deliver good crema - the creamy, frothy top that usually takes a little bit of work and expensive quality to get – that is, until our Essenza came along.

There are a ton of coffees to choose from – there’s the espresso range (premium), lungo range (mild, yet intense) and the decaffeinato range – all in beautiful metallic capsules that look like colourful bullets. They really are pretty enough to display and Nespresso offers a number of display options that will have your kitchen rivaling the Museum of Modern Art.

I love that the pods carry through the system and drop into the bottom, making it easy to discard them.

I love the white ceramic cups and saucers dotted with a swirling purple mosaic design that I got with it.

There's an automatic milk frothing machine –the Aeroccino, which is gorgeous and would be a great addition to our basic machine, to make cappuccinos and cafĂ© au laits. I'll have to save up though.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying having an espresso in the morning or evening and the best part is being able to offer it to our guests after dinner or drinks.

Ahh. This is the life!

You can order the coffee and machines online at Nespresso or go to one of their boutiques.

Stephanie Dickison

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