Joya Candles Help Me Set the Mood!

I didn’t start to like candles until recently. I usually only brought them out for entertaining, but the candles coming out now are so exquisite, it’s a shame to not try them.

And you’ve got to try Joya Candles.

Each candle is handmade in New York City and made with a specially blended vegetable wax formulation.
Here’s how it works:
“Our wax comes from palm oil kernels; it is extracted and refined through pressing and crushing, rather than the use of chemical solvents. We consider this wax to be organic because it is grown without the use of drugs or hormones. It is a 100% natural food-grade renewable resource. Unlike candles made of typical paraffin wax, Joya is completely free of petroleum products and additives. Entirely vegetable based, our wax exemplifies the simple and healthful return to nature at the heart of an organic lifestyle. Of course, we only use cotton wicks. The natural stearic acid in our candles creates a stunning white flame that, if used correctly (Trim your wicks!), won’t produce smoke."
They have since developed custom soy and beeswax blends as well!
There are 15 fragrance blends to choose from and a ton of design choices. The lovely thing about Joya is that they come in the most beautiful gift boxes, so there’s no need to spend time fretting about getting wrap, ribbon and tape! It's a small thing, but such a nice touch.
I got the Lavish Pomegranate Bourbon Vanilla Scented Candle, which comes in a beautiful red frosted glass and has a heady scent that reminds me of libraries and late night rooftop parties. It is incredibly sexy – masculine and feminine all at once. And with the red jar, well, I’m calling it the” love candle”…
I truly enjoyed the Lavish 5-Piece Scented Candle Set, where you can try the different scents, all in these tiny glass jars. I scattered them around our place for a recent party and not only did they smell amazing, but there’s something so sweet about a tiny, flickering candle amongst bigger ones.
The set includes Calabrian Lime Blossom, Pomegranate Bourbon Vanilla, Peony White Tea, Japanese Wisteria and First Love Gardenia. A beautiful collection that will entice and delight you!
The Luscious Collection candles come in a gorgeous goth lace-patterned glass that is so up-to-the-moment and will look great, whether on your bedside table or on a shelf in the kitchen! Mmm. I love it!
And there are 5 exotic scents to choose from – Asian Pear Belini, Vanilla Dragonfruit, Ghost Orchid Honeydew, Narcissus Fig Leaf and Currant Plum Blossom.
I got the Narcissus Fig Leaf which has a fresh, citrusy scent and a clean manly smell that drives me wild!
These are no ordinary candles, my friends. Oh no. This is the good stuff!
Check out the whole collection and let me know what you get!

Stephanie Dickison

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