Fantastic New Colours From Essie Nail Polish Complete My Summer Look!

Ahhh. I love Essie Nail Polish.

I wrote about their collection last summer and they’ve gone and done it again this season with some really fantastic colour palettes!


4 neon-bright colours that give you that pop and edge that other nail colours leave behind. You can accessorize and modernize in an instant with just a quick swipe of colour. Now doesn’t that totally fit in with your crazybusy lifestyle?

I thought so.

These colours are such fun and can really give a great finish to your summer look!

The Short Shorts Pink, straight outta the 80s is such a jolt of fun and feminine pink that you might just want to wear it every single day!

For a violet that just doesn’t stop, Bermuda Shorts is a fun way to add purple to your look and the vibrant traffic cone orange of Mini Shorts is sure to drive the crowd wild.

I don’t wear yellow, but I loooove the incredible brightness of Shorty Pants. How can you not be happy and feel good wearing bright yellow? This is the only way I'll be rockin' yellow this summer, but what a fun way to wear it!

You can buy the colours individually or as a set. Get the set and you’ll be good to go all summer long!

These colours are so brilliant, but because they are neon they have a matte finish, so complete the look with Essie’s First Base Top Coat and Good to Go Fastest Drying Top Coat.

These colours just became available June 1st, so get ‘em while you can - they are sure to sell out quickly!

And for those of you ladies getting married this season, have I got something for you:

The Bridal Collection is a beautiful set of 6 colours to make sure that you look your very best on your special day.

I love the soft shades of pinks – from the palest, barely there shade to the lovely and feminine pinks found only on luscious roses.

And the names. Of course the names are just as lovely as the colours – Cloud Nine, Tie the Knot, Blushing Bride, Happily Ever After, True Love and the best name of all – No Pre-Nup!

Of course you don’t have to be a bride to enjoy these colours. I’ve been wearing them all spring long and they are gorgeous!

I love everything that Essie does. Their products are fantastic quality for a great price. And their colours are just what I want in a nail polish – something fun and colourful to either compliment or stand out from my put-together look.

I am going to rock this summer thanks to Essie. You should too.

Stephanie Dickison

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