Half the Sky Designs Has Gorgeous Limited Edition Rebagz - Recycled Bags That Are Earth Friendly and Look Good Too!

I love recycled bags and now I have found the most gorgeous totes and purses – all gorgeous and recycled!

Half the Sky Designs has every kind of bag that you could need – wallet, clutch, small purse, large purse, tote – and now that it’s spring, don’t you think you could use a new one?

Start with the Rebagz Magnolia All In One Wallet, made from a rice sack! It is bright blue with a stunning white flower design. It’s zippered, so all of your stuff won’t fall out, and there’s tons of room for all of your credit cards, receipts and cash, if you still carry it!

To keep things small, go with the Green Clutch & Cosmetics Bag. Either a clutch, cosmetics bag or both, recycled fruit juice packs make it a colourful choice (It also comes in a host of fun, bright colours, perfect for spring!). There’s a removable strap (colour-coordinated, of course!), so you can use it how it best suits the occasion and your mood.


For big bags, may I suggest the Silver Large Tie Tote? It’s got a “necktie closure,” which is fun and not only does it carry all of your stuff, it goes with everything, but each handwoven bag is truly one of a kind. Just watch your friends go nuts when they see it.

And I just love the Blue Birds Cinchy Tote!!! It is the perfect bag to tote your gym stuff, groceries or even your files back and forth to the office. Ooh, it would be a great carry-on, dontcha think? And it’s soooo pretty!!

Sometimes I’m a little too practical about bags, but I always make sure they’re pretty.

And these are some of the rockingest recycled bags I’ve seen!

There's no reason why we can't save the earth and look good.

'Nuff said.

Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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