The TeaSpot Offers Warmth on a Cold Winter’s Day!

The snowstorms, cold and slush have put many us at our wit’s end – ENOUGH OF WINTER ALREADY!

I know, because people tell me about it all the time.

But I think I have a small solution:

First, spring is but a mere 3 weeks a way or so.

Secondly, The TeaSpot offers Meditative Mind Tea, a loose-leaf tea blend of Chinese white tea, rosebuds and jasmine pearls that emit a fragrance that soothes and calms nerves, which after sludging around in the snow, is a great antidote. And white tea is full of antioxidants, so while your co-workers are sneezing and coughing, you can be building up your immunity!

To make the process a little lovelier, I suggest using Steepware. This pretty cup that comes in a host of colours (mine is lime and makes me think of spring!) and has everything you need – cup, lid and infuser – all in one pretty handcrafted porcelain cup (dishwasher and microwave safe). You can use the lid as a saucer or to keep your tea hot while working – fantastic! And I didn’t know this but according to the site, “Porcelain is an ideal steeping material because it doesn't alter the taste or aroma of the tea, and the white glaze inside every cup allows the natural color of the tea to shine.”

And at 8 oz., you’ll get a full cup that feels good in your hands that you won’t have to refill every 3 seconds.

Which means, if you want to get under the covers and not come out, you can stay there just a little longer.

I promise you spring is on the way. Until then, a cup of tea will help.

That, and a little self-tanner.

And a vacation catalogue for the Bahamas.

Stephanie Dickison

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