Longing for a Relaxing, Energizing, Sleepy or Stress-Free Environment? SPA NK Therapies Will Get You Through the Day (and Night)!

SPA NK Therapies are fun bath products that smell wonderfully musky (thanks to wonderful aromatherapy blends and oils), make you feel good all over and are all about going more than skin deep.

Take SPA NK’s Energising Shower Gel, for instance. It says right on the tube that it’s “To Re-Invigorate the Mind, to Energise the Body, to Uplift the Spirits, For When We Are Running On Empty.” Doesn’t that sound like the exact thing you need to get you going in the morning? And it’s got natural products like sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils to ease your tension, bay and rosewood oils to soothe everyday muscular aches and pains and bergamot and geranium essential oil “to help balance the emotions and enhance general well-being.”

Between that and a good breakfast, you’ve hit the ground running, wouldn’t you say?!

SPA NK’s Seawood Body Polish is fantastic too. A clean-smelling scrub, it’s got sea saltand seaweed that helps stimulate the lymphatic system and ingredients to help tone and recharge your body.

Hey, if there’s ever a time our bodies need this, wouldn’t you say its right about now as we long for spring to arrive?

You only need to polish once or twice a week , using circular motions, to see results.

And for a lovely gift, either for yourself or someone you care about, get the SPA NK Bath Oil Collection.

Owner Nicky Kinnaird has this to say about a soak in the tub:

“Bathing has become a contemporary pastime. Use your time in the bath to still your mind and relax your body. Even the anticipation of a wonderfully relaxing, meditative soak in fragrant hot water can begin to release the tensions of the day. Close your eyes, breathe, be calm. Too often in the West a bath is simply viewed as a place to cleanse the body, in Japan it is where one goes to cleanse the soul.”

There are 4 30 oz. bottles (travel-size) to choose from - Stress, Energising, Relaxing and Sleepyhead essential oil blends. You can ease yourself into the water at the end of a long day and either give in to the stillness or revive yourself. It’s all up to you.

I love a good pampering that doesn’t take much time away from my hectic schedule. SPA NK’s Bath Collection allows me to take a moment, breathe, give my body a good clean and feel taken care of without having to take off the whole day for spa treatments.

It’s just perfect for this city gal and her modern day schedule!

Stephanie Dickison

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