The Jupiter Freedom Armbag Offers Your Freedom and Security While Out Running, Walking or Jogging!

Lately I have become a walking bundle of bags – I’ve found that the bigger the bag, the more I carry, but recently, it’s completely outta control –I’ve got my purse, my bag filled to the brim with library books, another one filled with work-related journals, notebooks , mp3 player and headphones, etc, and then anything else that I may be dropping off – dry cleaning, shoes to be repaired, clothes for donation.

I am one big mess.

So the serenity that comes with purchasing a Jupiter Freedom Armbag is actually greater than you can imagine.

Because now you can carry your most essential items with you – your mp3 player (in a water resistant mp3 case (4"x1 3/4") to attach to your armbag), money (matching card/money holder), cellphone (inside elastic holds it in place) and keys, change and other small items (in a inside pocket)!

There is a size adjustable, 3 size adjustable removable elastic to secure to your arm with a back covered in material that will keep sweat stains away (nice touch, dontcha think?) and invisible hooks to attach the mp3 case or a fashionable accessory. There is also a matching travel pouch to keep it in between jogs, walks or runs.

The bag comes in 5 great designs and “all armbags are produced in a limited edition of 100 units per model so you can stand out from the crowd.”

I got the beautiful Midnight Breeze, which looks like tweed with plum and mustard accents.

It is made of cotton and polyester, though the silky grey interior and tweedy exterior would have you thinking otherwise. It is also packed with foam to be water and shock resistant.

You’ll be please to know to the bag is made in Quebec. Here’s a little more about that:

“NOT made in China: The armbag design and production is proudly made in Quebec, Canada to support the local economy. We love Asia but we will keep it for our traveling... By producing locally we have more control over the quality, which translate into a better product for you. From fabric to zippers, we also make sure all bag components come from local suppliers. By purchasing our armbags you can be proud to make a difference in the local economy.”

Nice. And so you can be sure they’re not made in a sweatshop either.

I saw them at the One of a Kind Show yesterday, so you can learn more about them and pick up 1, 2 or 10 while you’re there.

And in case you’re not in the Toronto area this weekend, you can get yours online.

As soon as you get it, you’re not going to want to take it off.

Just imagine, all your beautiful purses and bags just sitting in your closet, waiting to be used, while you fall more and more in love with the freedom of the Jupiter Armbag

Stephanie Dickison

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