Fractal Spin Has the Coolest Purses, Wallets, Jewelry and Accessories – All With a Little Added Geek Chic!

Most of my friends don’t love computers as much as I do – but now there’s a way to spread the love – without them ever having to discuss hard drives, apps and peripherals!

Fractal Spin has the coolest gear. I was trying to find a way to accurately describe what they do, but I figure they say it best:

“We started Fractalspin back in 2003 to sell some nerdy jewelry (mainly Zelle), kickass experimental electronic music, amusing tshirts, and neat gadgets that made our daily lives more efficient, entertaining, stylish, worthwhile or any combination of the above.

Fractalspin is ‘the ultimate geek boutique.’ Here you'll find all sorts of geeky fashion accessories and lifestyle products that aren't lame. Sure there are other geek suppliers online, but we're unique in that we hand pick only those items that are stylish and hip, steering clear of everything cheesy, dorky, or in just plain bad taste. And because of that, it's not just those fashionable geeks in love with us--we appeal to visual artists, musicians, new media artisans, crafty & creative types, filmmakers, hipsters, technologists, the cool kids, and tons more folks with great taste.”

‘Nuff said.

So here’s the fantastic stuff I got:

The Diskette Handbag is perhaps the ultimate in recycling - a black vinyl bag covered in floppy disks (6 to a side). Not only does it look amazing, but it’s incredibly functional, thanks to 2 pockets with snaps, a zippered pocket and 2 elastic pockets. It even has a removable magnetic latch that runs along the top edge for security and you can take out the liner making it ultra sleek – 2 bags in one!

And the ultimate in convenient wallets is the Silver Wallet! This aluminum wallet allows you to carry 6 of your favourite credit, ID and membership cards. But what makes this wallet so cool is that you can release each one by the press of a button!

You simply choose from the 18 interchangeable buttons that help you distinguish between cards. And not only does this make for an efficient system but the "precision card-spacing feature is the key to preventing card demagnetization, scratching and premature failure of your cards' magnetic strips."

And the cards do not pop out but merely poke their nose out, allowing you to pull it the rest of the way.

I think this is fantastic, because who carries cash anymore? Well, if you are part of the dying breed, don’t fret, because the Silver Wallet’s got your back – it comes with a money clip that holds up to 20 bills.

Yep, it’s just about the most perfect wallet for those who want quick transactions and to get on with the important stuff.

I love the jewelry Fractal Spin carries – it’s fun and innovative and like nothing else I’ve seen on the market!

The Varistor Necklace and Earrings are pretty with their mustard yellow cat-like heads and silver chains.

Now what they’re made from is completely over my tech had but just know they are a good thing in the world of electronics and leave all the technical parts out of it.

Just know they are awfully pretty and the necklace’s chain is adjustable between 16” and 19” and the earrings have a 1.5" drop.

And equally as fun and pretty is the Cat5 Bracelet. Made from ethernet cable, these colourful strands are a great accessory to any outfit. And it comes in a petri dish, which is fun.

And that’s something else that Fractal Spin does incredibly well. A lot of their items are packaged in smoky silver bags – the ones that your computer parts come in.

I know you probably don’t know that or even care, but to folks like me who look at computer accessories and parts like most people peruse the Canadian Tire flyer, it’s incredibly smart and fun.

And hey, don’t think Fractal Spin’s all about purses and necklaces – check out the Gamer Gear for fun Nintendo candies and such, along with all the other great stuff they’ve got to offer!

There’s nothing else like it!

Stephanie Dickison

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