Enid Wilson Studio Cards Are a Wonderful Way to Say Hello

I love the simplicity of design in Enid Wilson Studio Cards. There is something almost zen to them.

Everyday Single Cards such as Sketchy Tulip and Bent Stem are a wonderful way to express your care or concern for someone.

The Sketchy Tulip is outlined in a lemony stitch and with its rough hewn edge, it is the ultimate in a handmade card.

The Lux and Silhouette Series Boxed Cards are hand-dyed paper with letterpressed images and come 6 to a box, complete with envelopes.

I especially love the Leaf Rain Box and Flower Cascade Box for their graphic presence. These are great cards to send to a friend that is going through a hard time or just a note to say how much you liked someone’s cake at a party. These are truly everyday cards – ones that will make you smile when you pull them out, ones that will no doubt have the person on the other end smiling too.

The uncluttered designs, I think, really allow you to say whatever it is you need to. It’s like they are giving you the time and space you need to find the right words.

There are also holiday cards and heart/valentine cards for those more specific occasions.

To find out more or to get a catalogue of her entire collection, email Enid at info@enidwilsonstudio.com.

Stephanie Dickison

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