Cake and Milk Paperie Handmade Cards Are So Gorgeous, It’s Almost a Shame to Send Them!

I admit that I have a love of stationery that few people can understand. And here’s a perfect example - when I opened the box of handmade cards from Angeline Tsao’s cake and milk paperie, I wanted to weep.

These painstakingly gorgeous cards are so beautiful and personal, it makes all store-bought cards seem cheap and ridiculous.

Covered in polka dot tissue paper, each clear box was wrapped in a pretty cloth bag tied with exquisite ribbon. Before I even saw the cards, I was blown away by the care and thought that went into the packaging.

It actually felt like my best friend had put together a personalized package for my birthday and yet, I’ve never met or spoken to Angeline before.

I took the boxes out of their bags and a whoosh came out of me that was completely involuntary. I was stunned beyond words.

My fella heard the sound and looked up. “What’s wrong?”

I ran over to him to show him the boxes. Even though he doesn’t like stationery, he knew these were zenith. He smiled and patted my hand. He knew I needed a moment to collect myself.

I got all personalized cards because for me, there is no better way to express my love and care through words and to have it come from something that truly is “me” is almost as good as sending a homemade bowl of soup through the mail. They are made by hand in 7-10 days.

I got the Vintage Graphics Cards because picking out your own graphic is half the fun! I got my monogram flanked by an old typewriter, which is not only writerly, but my fella and I kind of collect them.

I love how 1920’s it looks and I have to say, I feel so Dorothy Parker when I look at them, I want to twirl and sing and have a stiff drink in her honour!

But there are lots to choose from. In fact, it took me a good ten minutes to finally decide on one, that’s how great they are.

The last name initial is enlarged & swanked by the first & middle initial, for ultra style and they are printed on twenty handcut buttercream flats, paired with technicolor envelopes.

I also got the Multiple Lines Cards because I’ve always wanted cards with a funny quote on them – something that Hallmark didn’t come up with and I’ve never been artistic enough to make my own.

You can choose from a host of text styles, with “additional lines for personal info, quotes, or use as business correspondence,” with up to 5 lines max.

I got my quote in 3rd Street Promenade and all fonts are done in licorice ink – it is so much fun! It comes 20 to a box, with vibrant envelopes. I’m telling you, I CAN’T WAIT to send them out!!!

And these cards, the Personalized Folded Notes in Satin, Grosgrain & Picot Ribbon, well, these just break my heart, they’re so pretty!

I’ll let Angeline explain them:

“A hatband of luxurious ribbon fully wrapped around buttercream folded notes. personalized, in licorice ink. small caps for satin & grosgrain ribbons & 3rd st promenade text w/picot.”

I got my name accented by Mixed Ribbons which are soft and luxurious and are light to medium shades of green, blue, pink and red. My name and return address are on the back of the envelope. It is the ultimate card of style and grace. In fact, these cards make me feel like royalty!

On the back of the other boxed card envelopes, a message is stamped into the paper - “{fresh papergoods handmade for you}” and every box is finished in ribbon.

I could write about how much I covet these cards, but I’ll let you experience the wonder for yourself. Just know that buying cake and milk paperie cards is just about the nicest thing you can do for yourself or someone you care about.

I’m off to write some kind words on the most beautiful cards. What a nice way to spend a Friday morning...

Stephanie Dickison

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