Becky Redman’s Recycle Bag and Poster Are Essential for the Urban Environmentalist!

Becky Redman is serious about recycling.

So much so that she has created 50 posters about recycling and waste that you can purchase and frame for at home, work, etc. You can see them all at the screenprints slideshow.

They are bold in both message and design and make a great statement to those around you.

I live in a small building that has won awards for being environmentally conscious and so I gave the poster (shown above) to our building owner to hang in either the lobby or office, so that it is shared among us as we take out our compost scraps, papers and cans out back to the recycling bins. It is that little push that sometimes we need to do not only just enough, but what's needed.

Becky writes on her website that “this poster collection has been designed to increase awareness and promote action. Statistics and simple commands about recycling and waste provides the foundation of this typographic exploration.”

The posters are screenprinted on 100% recycled paper.

But it’s Becky’s bag that has caused quite the stir.

Her beautiful graphic designed recycled cotton canvas tote bags are large – 38w x 43h – with a 10cm gusset (that means tons of room inside!!!!!) and long straps for ease of carrying and getting in and out of the bag with little fuss.

Her cheeky design – large white font on bubblegum pink background that states “FUCKING RECYCLE” on side and heart the environment on the other – is freakin’ brilliant, I think but some people don’t like the swearing.

In writing about her posters she says, “The brief bold message on each poster increases the retention of information and provokes a sense of urgency. By expanding the visibility and hype of important issues, action can be widespread.”

I think the same can be said about this bag. I admire Becky’s passion, conviction and commitment to the environment and think that it is a brave move to make a bag such as this.

I know not all will agree, but I think Becky Redman is onto something here. She is making a difference. That and she has created the most wicked font.

Check out more of Becky Redman’s brilliance on her website and get her stuff while you can.

Stephanie Dickison

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