Still Unsure About Pod Coffee Makers? That’s Because You Haven’t Used Keurig’s Platinum B70 Brewer!

First of all, I have to tell you, Keurig’s Platinum B70 Brewer is absolutely gorgeous!

Our kitchen is just off to the side from our front entrance and you can just see the Keurig if you glance towards the kitchen. People have gone rushing from our front door to the kitchen to see it up close!

With chrome accents and blue backlit LCD and water reservoir, it is like having a shimmering pool in the room!

Now, despite its beauty, we weren’t sold on pod coffee makers – or in the case of Keurig, K-Paks. It’s not as convenient to get the coffee paks, unless you mail order them (though recently our neighbourhood Timothy’s has been furnishing our caffeine addiction!) and we already had a coffee maker that we had picked out specifically for our needs – my fella and I get up at different times so we needed one with a carafe that would keep the coffee hot without burning it.

Well, that coffee maker is now under the table and our Keurig Platinum B70 Brewer is front and center on the kitchen counter!

It allows us to make a fresh cup of coffee at any time – just put in the K-Pak of coffee and press one of the 4 brew size choices (they have everything from espresso size to travel mug!) and now we use it to make tea and anytime we need hot water. - it's so fast and convenient. You don't have to wait for the kettle to boil and the water reservoir is so big (60 oz.) that you don't have to fill it each and every time you make a cup. Isn't that great?

We donated our kettle about 2 weeks ago. It was just sitting there!

There’s a removable drip tray and you can program the LCD Message Center to do stuff (I haven’t got that far yet!). It makes a funny rumbling noise, which the cat doesn’t like, but we found that putting something under it, like a cloth napkin really helps.

We have been holding on to our old coffee maker, because it has served us well and there is nothing wrong with it.

Well, just one thing – it’s not the Keurig Platinum B70 Brewer.

I’m putting in it in with our other donated goods today.

We love our Keurig and can’t imagine our life without it now.

It’s just that great!

Stephanie Dickison

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