Snoodie is My Favourite Winter Solution – If Only I’d Found Out About it in November!!!

I don’t know about you but every winter, I face a conundrum – try and find a hat that is both warm and stylish. I tried on a million of those hunter hats with earflaps, but I just couldn’t pull it off.

I like the idea of a hood, but I’ve never had a coat that had one – I usually prefer a shawl collar or something more dramatic.

But just recently I saw the SNOODIE: The Original Elegant, Practical Headcovering and knew it was the solution for me!

It’s a soft column that you slip over your head and it creates a beautiful head and neck covering, keeping your head warm and protected, and because it’s loose fitting, it prevents the dreaded “hat head” that most of us would rather freeze than suffer weird hat hair.

There are a number of fabrics and styles to choose from.

I chose the Classic, which is made of soft, polished Italian wool and cashmere knit that not only resists wrinkling and rain, but folds into a small square that you can carry easily in your purse or luggage! Of course I chose the black one, but there are many colours and styles that will delight you. There are soft velvets and micro fleece, shimmery dressy fabrics and one that I am really excited about is the Active, a spandex Snoodie that transforms from a soft, romantic hood to a strapless top!


I’m heading out now. In my Snoodie! I can’t believe I found the solution that I’ve been looking for all of these years.

What a gift!

Stephanie Dickison

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