Madhouse Munchies Chips Are a Fantastic Treat!

I love a good salty, crunchy treat.

And Madhouse Munchies Chips really deliver!

There is nothing artificial used in these chips – just potatoes (or in the case of the tortilla chips, stone-ground corn masa), canola oil, all natural spices, herbs and sea salt – and boy can you taste the goodness! There’s no oiliness or chemical tastes – just the good stuff!

There’s Sea Salted (Plain), Mesquite BBQ with a lovely sweetness and Sea Salt & Vinegar, which are tangy and salty and oh-so-good! Their Creamy French Onion, which is subtle, but one of the best onion chips I’ve ever had! They top their chips with creamy French onion, chives and a dash of garlic, making it great for snacking, dipping and crumbling on top of casseroles! Mmm!

Madhouse also makes 2 Premium Stone-Ground Tortilla Chips – Blue Organic and White Corn. They are so flavourful that I didn’t even get a chance to put out salsa or make guacamole before we’d devoured half of the bowl!

There’s no trans fat or hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils and they’re low in saturated fat. There’s no cholesterol or preservatives. Just potatoes (or corn masa), canola oil, sea salt and seasonings.

These chips kick butt! But be careful – it’s hard to have just a few.

You may want to buy them by the case!

Stephanie Dickison

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