I’m In Love With My New Hillhouse Naturals Eco-Friendly Home Fragrances!

The snow is coming down something fierce and the radiators have been clacking away since late last night.

It’s full-on winter out there and thus, our windows remain closed.

It’s tough to get fresh air going throughout the place at this time of year so it can feel incredibly stuffy and still.

That’s why I like to have reed diffusers going, especially during these colder months. They help lighten the air and add a much needed boost with their floral and fresh scents.

And WOW have I found some good ones!

Hillhouse Naturals, a family owned business that began in 1986, offers a variety of home fragrance products such as potpourri, candles, sachets, oils, fragrance mist and pillar candles.

They also carry reed diffusers that are a great way to fragrance the air without worrying about leaving a burning candle on.

Hillhouse Naturals works closely “with a team of French perfumers who carefully select the highest quality ingredients from around the world we are able to create exquisite and sophisticated fragrance blends.”

And I’ve gotta tell you – their scent lines are absolutely divine! Those clean, fresh smells that make you want and sing and dance? They’ve got ‘em all!

Check out their Ocean’s Edge, Log Cabin, Shells, Cashmere and Fresh Linen Collections!

And their new Living Green Collection is eco-friendly! The candles and glass and candle tins are made with 100% natural soy wax blend and plant-derived essentials oils. The packing for the diffusers and the candles in glass were printed using 100% WIND POWER!

Woo hoo!

I got the ORANGE LEAF AMBER Diffuser Reeds, which has a fresh, musky scent and the
SPROUT Diffuser Reeds
which has that clean, grassy smell that I love so much.

This collection will be available to order February 15th, but you can shop around online in the meantime.

Renew the Senses, Summer, Summer Home and French Flower Market are sounding pretty good right now…

Happy Friday and Happy Snow Day, Everyone!

Stephanie Dickison

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