The Dirt Devil KRUZ is Not Only the Best Vacuum, But It’s Beautiful To Boot!

It’s weird when you have hardwood floors, as opposed to carpet. It becomes this huge deal to try and clean them.

First we used to sweep every other day and then mop with Murphy’s Oil Soap every couple of months. Then we switched to those floor sheets because it did a smoother and more efficient job than our broom.

We had tried some vacuums and actually, just recently we went looking for some sort of plug-in floor sweeper that might make the job even faster and easier, but everything was either specific to carpets or was extremely bulky. It would take up the whole hall closet, which meant we’d probably have to throw out our winter coats.

And you know how cold it’s been lately…

So try as I might, I was determined to find something to fit our lifestyle – and floors.

Finally I found our saving grace in the Dirt Devil KRUZ.

It was designed by Karim Rashid of UMBRA fame, and it is just about the most beautiful appliance I’ve ever seen!

It is a soft pearl gray with just a hint of lavender, which means it’ll probably go with your current look. It has a charging base, so you plug the base into the wall, sit the sleek vacuum on top of it (it’s long and lean and has a triangular head at the bottom and it tapered at the top – they call it a stick vac), and then use it whenever you need. It’s always charged, so you just pick it up and go!

Isn’t that better than having to have to lug your big ol’ vacuum outta the closet each and every time you need it, have to unfurl wires, find an outlet? By that time, it’s no wonder vacuuming used to feel like such a chore!

And it’s so nice looking that we have it in the living room, right next to a bookcase. You wouldn’t do that with your regular vacuum, now would you? See? It’s really that great looking – you can leave it out in any room and it looks good! Now if only you could say that about the laundry…

The triangular head moves 360 degrees and has soft touch bumpers, so you can get into those corners without damaging the baseboards! It is so much fun to use that since we got it, we’ve been vacuuming every day and sometimes even twice daily!

It is made for hard surfaces, so we can use it all over the house – the hardwood floors in the bedroom, living room and hall and the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. We can do the whole place in just about 5 minutes!

And there’s no bag to fuss with – just a cup that you empty out. Easy, breezy, and like I said, fun to use.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s just that good! And it comes with a two year warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to change your life already? Don't you want to stop spending all that time cleaning?

Aren't there more fun things you could be doing?

I thought so...

Stephanie Dickison

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