Cottage North Soaps and Cream Are All Natural and Oh So Fabulous!

I love luxurious soaps. Nothing makes me feel better than being pampered by smelling good and feeling clean!

And wow are Cottage North Soaps great! Not only are they made with natural ingredients, but each bar is hand poured or hand cut! They are FANTASTIC smelling and leave a wonderful, luxurious lather that makes you feel so clean from the top of your forehead to your itty bitty baby toe!

The Tupelo Honey Bar and Summer Garden Soaps are particularly wonderful!

They are both glycerin-based and run only $5 a bar!

The Tupelo Honey Bar is made from nectar from the tupelo gum tree, which “grows along the rivers in NW Florida. The nectar from this tree produces the honey considered the finest. The timing of this honey production is critical and true tupelo is only produced by experienced keepers. Our tupelo honey soap is aptly named for the appreciation of this liquid gold.”

It is a thick, dark bar that smells musky thanks to patchouli and sweet orange essential oils. It has a really sexy aroma that fills the bathroom and even my fella liked this bar.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone that likes to smell good and feel oh-so-clean!

And the Summer Garden Soap is so charming! First of all, it looks like a beautiful slice of cake. Second of all, it smells fantastic, thanks to lily of the valley. And the lather? Mmm. You’re going to want to get this by the BLOCK!

And be sure to get yourself their Cottage North Carrot Cream. They call it “feed your face” cream and with ingredients like carrot seed oil, aloe, glycerin, vitamin E, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, you can see why. It has a strong lavender/ylang ylang fragrance that is relaxing and soothing, but not “girly,” so be sure to share this with your fella too! It is thick and nourishing and at only $12 for the small and $18 for the large, you can’t go wrong.

Just think about that cream that you bought at the drugstore for $30. I bet you can’t pronounce or spell most of the ingredients.

Feed your face the right way with only natural ingredients. And while you’re at it, be sure to get a whack of their soaps.

I want that one with the starfish in it!

p.s. You can shop at their online store, but if you’re in the Port Dover, Ontario area, go to their retail store Cottage North Soapworks.

Stephanie Dickison

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