Stash Teas Hit the Spot No Matter What Time of Day!

I am half-British, so the love for a hot cuppa tea is kind of in my blood.

My Mom had a pot on from early in the morning to late, late at night. For me, tea has become the most comforting drink I can have. It’s warmth and soothing feel makes me feel instantly at ease and with many teas now, the healing properties can make a real difference in fighting off colds or generally pepping you up from low energy.

I first came across Stash Teas in the mail, it must have been at least a decade ago, maybe more. My Dad’s friend from Long Island sent us a box of English Breakfast and boy was it good – refreshing and full of flavour. I think my Dad only got one cup out of the whole thing before I claimed (and drank) it all.

They’ve been at this tea business a long time now – since 1972 – and I really think they have some of the best and most affordable teas around.

I was excited to try some of their newer flavour tea in bags.

Acai Berry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is a lovely option for something vibrant, but you don’t want any caffeine.

And I’m a huge green tea drinker – all those antioxidants. But plain green tea can get tiresome, so I was exited by the exuberant Ginger Peach Green Tea, wonderfully soothing Merry Mint Organic Green Tea, the power of goji berry’s alongside green tea in Goji Berry Green Tea, and my new favourite morning tea, Fusion Breakfast Green & Black Tea.

Not only are Stash Teas wonderfully smooth and soothing, but they come in a million flavours so you’re sure to find something you like!

After having dinner with a chef recently at his restaurant, I was offered a choice of teas from a lovely dark box. His restaurant carries a number of good quality, expensive brands. I hunted around I choose Stash Tea’s Moroccan Mint, which knocked my socks off.

Now I have a bunch of new favourite teas and this Saturday I’m off to search for more Stash flavours. I think I’ll pick up a box for my Dad’s friend, Al. After all, he’s the one that introduced me to it.

And for that, I’m ever so thankful.

In fact, all this tea is making me thirsty. I’m off to put on a pot.

Want a cup?

Stephanie Dickison

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