Start the New Year Off Right with The Power of Women Journal!

Kelly Patterson McGrath is a coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker.

She created a series called The Power of Women, empowering women in leadership, coaching, communication and stress management.

It begins with Unleash Your Inner Power:

“See yourself where you want to be,
Envision your success,
Create your own happiness.
Choose positive.
Enjoy each moment.
Truly be present.
Share your joy.”

How better to start the new year than with grace and commitment to being joyful and living your life in the way that’s best for you?

Each day you record how you feel, what made you laugh and 3 good things that happened to you.

There are quotes and questions throughout the journal and a calendar and place for addresses and contact information at the back.

This year I’m going to do my best to be a really great friend to those in my life.

And I think that this journal is something that many of them will truly appreciate and also benefit from.

Stephanie Dickison

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