New Gold Cuffs from the Women’s Holiday Line at Tracy Matthews Designs Complete My Look!

I love what I call statement jewelry - it’s big and bold and you don’t need much at all to really accentuate your look.

That is exactly what I’d call the new gold cuffs from the Women’s Holiday Line at Tracy Matthews Designs.

The Smooth Medium Cuff is a subdued gold and a wonderful finish to everything from a little black dress to jeans and white tee. The Tall Smooth Cuff is brushed gold and can also be made to be ultra glam or low-key – it’s all in how you wear it, don’t you think? I love the wide width of this one.

Both of these are classic looks and will never go out of style. Buy these and know that you always wear them. How many pieces that you currently own can you say that about?

The Tall Hammered Cuff is also nice and big. It is brighter gold than you might think – a real nod to the Eighties, I think. I’m thinking teal, violet or magenta long top over black leggings and this cuff. Whaddya think? Mmm.

And a nice unexpected piece, the Small Criss-Cross Textured Cuff is yellowy gold and makes me think of Chanel purses. It is one of those pieces that I think will always be an interesting accessory and will heighten any season’s looks.

These pieces range from $45-$60, a great price and as I said, they are not just good for one season, so you’re buying items that will last, that will stand the test of time – and skinny jeans.

Check out the rest of their line - they have a really earthy men’s line worthy of a looksee too.

Stephanie Dickison

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