Mmm! Linacare Face and Body Creams Transform and Rehydrate My Skin!

The Linacare line of moisturizing creams were developed when Dr. Henry Fung noticed that his patients had itchy skin from dryness. He went in search for a solution and created Linacare, along with Carol A. Lee.

I don’t want to get into all the boring scientific facts, but basically, the creams are actually made to deliver moisture on and below your skin, giving your skin the drenched, cool, smooth feeling it so deserves!

While my dry skin needs this year ‘round, moisturizing your skin is especially important during this extreme cold. And you’ll notice a difference in your skin quickly.

And you don’t have to worry about having a reaction to it – “Less than 0.01% skin reactions are experienced with Linacare, compared to the industry standard of 15%. This is why people with sensitive skin can safely use Linacare without any irritation.”

The Rehydrating Body Cream – Intensive really delivered despite its light feel. It quenched my parched skin without being greasy at all and it lasted all day unlike some moisturizers! I love the light feel of the cream and I found that my legs, arms, stomach and butt all looked better after just a few days of use – isn’t that just about the greatest thing?!

I am hooked!

And the same with the Transforming Face Cream - it delivered incredible moisture via its ultra-rich cream with a slight whipped texture. It absorbs quickly and yet, my skin was seriously moisturized all day! It is suitable for all skin types – normal to dry and eczema prone skin as well as rosacea and ultra sensitive skin.

You will be transformed!

And don’t forget to also get Intensive Hand Therapy Cream. I used it all the time and it was amazing. It too was non-greasy, made my hands feel soft and smooth and it didn’t come completely off when I washed my hands, meaning I wasn’t applying it every hour. It is one of the best I’ve ever used and it is a must for this cold weather.

Get one for your desk drawer, purse and for beside the bed.

You’ll be glad you did.

And if people ask you if you’ve been away on vacation or got a good night’s rest last night, don’t be surprised. It’s your skin talking.

And it's saying, "Ahhh. Finally!"

Stephanie Dickison

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