L’Oreal Professional Hair Products Make My Hair Shine, Stay in Place and Well, Look Damn Better Than Its Usual Crazy Self!

I have the craziest hair. It’s part curly, part wavy with bumps and curves that just don’t want to follow orders. It has always been a pain, but as I age, I’m finding that it needs a little help in order not to scare folks on the subway.

I have been using L’Oreal hair products and colour since I was about 14 (a long, long time ago) so I knew that the L’Oreal Professional Hair Products would be really exciting.

I was not disappointed!

I tried both sprays and gels and had such fun playing with my hairstyles and looks - something I rarely do because my hair can be too crazy. But I am thrilled to have found items that are now a part of my regular getting ready routine.

I am a L’Oreal girl and I’ve gotta say – my hair looks great!

I am loving the Texture Spray which gives my hair a little volume and makes me look a little more rock star than I am (okay, a lot). I like that! You can use it on damp or dry hair, depending upon your own hair and how you want to style it.

For something where I want a little more hold, I use Air Fix and it really stands up against wind and movement. If you want to add a little height to your hair, you can use this as well. This one’s a great item to keep on hand to set your hair before heading out the door.

And my favourite is the Crystal Gloss because it goes on dry, is not sticky (read: no residue) and it adds shine to my lifeless hair – a problem that comes with being blonde.

It’s so hard to achieve that glossiness that brunettes have. Or, at least it used to be.

I use it every day. It is one of my new favourite products of the season!

Play Ball is a line of gels in fun, bouncy little pots that look and smell great and come in a range of textures and holds.

Pure Jelly offers a strong and flexible hold without the stiff look or mucky hands. A keeper, for sure.

Motion Gelee adds shine with just a little hold. This one’s fun for styling. You can apply to towel-dried or dry hair – it’s up to you.

And for those days (and nights) that you want everything to stay in place, without having to wait for product to dry, try Extreme Honey. It’s fun to use and really gives you great control and hold.

I love having a little more control over my wonky hair!

Now if only it could help me with my tax forms…

Stephanie Dickison

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