frilly lilly is A Great Valentine’s Day Gift – Either for Yourself or Someone Else!

This dessert-inspired line is perfect for any upcoming Valentine’s Day, Birthday or Anniversary purchases that you need to make.

Not only is frilly lilly Canadian (woo hoo!), but it’s been picked up by Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Kitson in LA and The Wynn and The Palms Hotels in Las Vegas!

You don’t have to go all that way though – you can shop at their online store. Shop in your pyjamas, you like. We won’t tell!

What’s great about this fun line of bath and beauty products is owner and creator Debra Van Dyke wanted to create “a product that does all the right things when we’re doing services but also smells wonderful and looks great on the side of your tub.” And she’s succeeded.

At first glance, it might seem a little too pink and princess-y, but don’t worry - it’s not what you think. Despite the cutesy name and pink boxes, the vintage inspired packaging is quite lovely and the details sweet, not sugary.

The line is filled with everything you could want in bath and beauty products – lotions, body butters, bathcakes, lip products and even nail polishes.

I tried out 4 of their products:

The frilly lilly birthday cake is quite an impressive gift. It is a an incredibly large mauve bundt cake (complete with icing, sprinkles and “candy” heart) that you dissolve in the tub. It releases sweet oils and scents, giving you a completely satisfying and indulgent soak in the tub that no doubt, you’ve deserved for some time now.

There are other cakes too – lemon meringue, chocolate fudge, marshmallow. Maybe you should do this once a month…

And if you want something a bit smaller, may I suggest the love cakes that come 4 to a pack. These come in different colours, each topped with a dot of icing and a heart or sprinkles to finish it off. The clear box is topped with a pink ribbon, making it a little more fun to unwrap and savour.

I am always in need of good hand cream. Whether its winter or need, I like to feel that my hands are soft and moisturized and I want something that smells good. You’d think that would be easy to find, but it’s not. However, I was delighted by frilly lilly’s lemongrass sage hand cream that has a strong lemony scent and is not greasy in the least! The tube is very pretty and a compact enough size that you can sit it on your desk or carry it in your purse. This is one of those things you come back to use time and again!

I got a sneak peak at their latest addition, sugar lilly parfum. It makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a bakery! It smells like icing to me and while it is definitely sweet, it’s not too pungent, which I appreciate. Just a little behind your ears or knees and you’ll be set for the day.

But be warned – the aroma may have you craving a heavily iced cinnamon roll or vanilla crème cupcake!

I'll let you know when it's going to be released.

In the meantime, Valentine's Day is only 14 days away. You'd best start making your list...

Stephanie Dickison

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