Books, Books, Books!

One of the things I love most in this world is books. And I want to pass on exciting books that I’ve found to you.

There’s only one problem – I have to read them first.

So that’s why there aren’t more of these lists on The Knack.

However, I have been carefully selecting titles and reading them throughout the year so that I can bring you lots to choose from!

The first of these lists will start today and then I’ll run a bunch more throughout the beginning of the year. I hope that you enjoy the titles I’ve found. It sure was fun choosing!

Warmest wishes and Happy Reading!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor – the knack

Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To For 24 Fresh & Easy Projects
Projects and Illustrations by Lotta Jansdotter

Sweet and simple is the look of Lotta Jansdotter stationery, totes and everything this pretty Scandinavian woman touches.

And her make-yourself projects are just as great – handbags, duvet covers, placemats. Mmm. The fabrics she uses and the straight, simple patterns are easy to follow.

This is a great book for someone that likes the charming look of Lotta’s stuff or anyone just learning how to sew.

A Pig in Provence: Good Food and Simple Pleasures in the South of France
Georgeanne Brennan

Food in Provence just sounds better than North American. More rustic, more romantic. More something, I think.

And the aroma of earthy mushrooms, the hunt for the perfect cut of meat to serve for dinner – the pursuit for the good meal – is at the heart of this book.

It is educational, but more importantly a lovely romp in the countryside. Here’s just a little taste:

“That morning the kitchen quickly gave up its smell of morning coffee to that of chicken and herbs and by eleven the broth for the couscous, rich with vegetables and tender chicken, was gently bubbling stove. All that remained was to cook the couscous itself that evening, just before serving, and for the men to grill the merguez sausage that would be part of the dish.”

A great book to take you away from the everyday. Mmm.

Badge Button Pin
Gavin Lucas

If your messenger bag is covered in buttons, this is the book for you, and probably some of your friends.

A great historical walk through the history of buttons and some of today’s top designers take on the button.

Large colourful pages document the pins and give a little history of the design and/or designer.

It made me want to cover my jean jacket in them.

A very cool little book.

Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist
Marissa Handler

Marissa has been to South Africa, Israel, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru and all over the States. She writes about racism, corporate globalization and George Bush.

It is a gripping and intense, with lots of details and information about the people she meets with and the organizations she’s fighting and fighting for.

A great book for the politico in the family or as a way to learn more about what we can do to stop global injustice continuing.

Music to Check Out: A Do-It-Yourself Music Guide
Chronicle Books

What a fun little book!

Spiral bound with fantastic colour images and thick pages, this book is perfect for the audiophile or simply those that can’t get enough of JT, Ne-Yo or even Elvis if that’s your thing.

There are pages to track the artist, album, label, song and even who recommended it. You can give songs overall ratings and track your favourite lyrics and my very favourite feature – create playlist after playlist!

Even though we’re living in such a digital age, I think this book is a great way to keep track of what’s making you bump, groove, and shake.

I’m already up to 243 songs.

And I’ve just started…

Stephanie Dickison

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