The Specialty Gourmet Meal Delivery Service Makes Eating Healthy at Home a Breeze!

I love to cook, but lately, have been so frenetic with meetings, events, deadlines and errands that it seems that by the time dinnertime has rolled around, I haven’t even checked the fridge to see what we have or defrosted something to cook.

When did life become so busy?

I know I’m not the only one juggling career, home and trying to eat a healthy diet. My friends tell me about their scheduling and eating dilemmas all the time.

So that’s when I decided to give The Specialty Gourmet’s A La Carte Menu a try.

My fella and I tried 2 days of meals and I have to say, it was a saving grace. Our weekend was filled with a launch party at our place, a birthday party, a funeral and dinner in the suburbs at a friend’s brand new house – not a lot of time for meal making, wouldn’t you say? And it was great to be able to just pull a meal out of the fridge, microwave it, eat, and get on the road, back to work or get changed – whatever we needed to do we did, but we didn't have to eat poorly, like what normally happens when you are rushed and stressed and don't have the energy to cook.

You can choose from a host of different items and types of meal plans - even meals that are suitable for The Zone. Our menu was the following:

Breakfast – West Coast Parfait (yogurt, granola, fruit) and Apple Cinnamon Crepes
Lunch – Chicken Vegetable Towers
Dinner – Chicken Cordon Bleu and BBQ Beef with Vegetables

The food was delivered late Thursday night – at about midnight – and arrived all packaged up in a cooler bag with a welcome brochure (“thank you for the opportunity to be of service,” it said on the outside of the envelope), instructions for reheating and the food in containers.

The bag was to be returned on Sunday night and the containers were ours to keep.

The portions were suitable for a person with a pretty hearty appetite (no minuscule towering triangles of tiny vegetables that are supposed to represent dinner here!) and the food was good, but be warned – it is prepared without much seasoning or sauce, so if you require a lot of extra punch, add your own bottled hot sauce, jarred sauce or sprinkling of fresh or dried herbs!

The chicken vegetables towers were our favourite – so moist and flavourful. And the chicken cordon bleu with fresh ham and cheese was hearty and filling. It’s also something I make like every 3 years, so it was a nice change from the food I normally cook. The beef and veg were good, but we felt it got even better when we added some extra seasonings. The large chunks of zucchini and peppers gave us our much needed vitamin C and some fiber, and the huge helping of brown rice fortified us with our daily iron and B vitamin requirements.

The breakfasts were nice and better for us than what we usually make first thing in the morning. And not having to make something when you’ve got to rush out the door or get onto the phone for a conference call was a real blessing. Just eat and go!

You get 3 meals for about $31.99 per day, which is about what most people spend on at the food court and on take-out during a day.

Think of it this way - at least this way you won’t have to subject yourself to a toasted bagel again for breakfast and you’ll finally be getting 3 square meals a day that are good for you!

It’s healthy and incredibly convenient.

Which means, you can concentrate on what needs your attention most without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

Now that’s smart.

p.s. They deliver to areas in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary right now, but you can request they add your area by emailing

Stephanie Dickison

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