Shoyeido Enlightens Your Home with their Incense and Handmade Incense Holders

After studying Japenese and Tibetan Buddhism for some time, I went for a short while to a Japanese Buddhist Temple.

I enjoyed the ceremonies and rituals a great deal and found it the most peaceful time in my day.

But years later, what has powerfully remained is the fragrance of the Shoyeido Incense that was lit during the services. It filled the high-ceiling temple and now fills my lovely home with its warm and comforting scent.

It’s beautiful scents rooted me in the traditions of Japanese culture and Buddhism back then and now it centers me here at home.

The Traditional Japanese Incense has been around since 1705 and comes in a variety of fragrances. To make the incense “ingredients are finely ground and carefully mixed with a powdered, natural binding material, ‘Tabuko.’ Up to 50 varieties of herbs and spices are precisely blended with pure water, quickly shaped, and dried very slowly.”

The Daily Incense comes in beautiful variations with evocative names such as Great Origin, Eternal Treasure, Moss Garden, Kyoto Autumn Leaves, Golden Pavilion, Kyoto Cherry Blossoms, Five Hills and White Cloud.

They also offer two series – Jewel and Angelic.

The Jewel Series offers unique scents, which were created to “evoke the spirit of 5 precious stones.” With names like Diamond-Power, Ruby-Strength, Emerald-Awareness, Sapphire-Devotion and Amethyst-Balance, you are bound for a powerful experience.

Angelic offers scents named Inspiration (sandalwood), Peace (myrrh), Hope (frankincense), Joy (a mix of sandalwood and tea leaves) and Love (sandalwood and herbs) and were created to “summon the spirit of angels and enhance quality of life.”

You can purchase incense accessories and gift sets on their website, and be sure to check out their exquisite handmade incense holders.

You may be getting your incense from the corner store, but believe me when I tell you that Shoyeido are the real deal and yes, there is a difference (subtle scents, less smoke and quality ingredients).

A big difference.

Stephanie Dickison

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