Got a Computer Nut on Your Christmas List? Here are Some USB Gadgets That are Sure to Thrill and Delight Them!

USB items have blown up with companies trying to outdo the other with incredible concoctions, inventions and things to either make our day more interesting or simply better!

I have gathered a bunch of companies that offer fun and often odd products that you can hook up to your computer and have them at your side all day long.

Just in time for holiday shopping!

And hey, no one ever said that a day at the office had to suck.


Stephanie Dickison

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Dream Cheeky has come up with so many fun products, you’re going to have a difficult time choosing.

Will it be the USB Greenhouse that is a large see-thru egg that becomes a miniature greenhouse right beside you at your desk?

This is not a cheap little thing, but quite extraordinary, in fact.– it comes with a built-in growth light and along with a started pack there is a watering reminder (if only real plants came with those) and a computer interface that monitors the growth status.

The software is included and online support is available.

The flowers that I got are marigolds, I think and it’s amazing to watch them develop.

This is a fun gift for someone who is just learning about caring for plants or that claims not to have the time because they are also working at the computer. Problem solved.

Dream Cheeky USB Think Light

For those of you who like a challenge, I suggest the Dream Cheeky USB Think Light.

It’s a light that brightens the faster you type.

Yep. It’s watching you and can tell when you’re slacking off or watching You Tube instead of typing up that report.

Some people would find it frustrating, but I think it is a great idea. Especially now that I’ve learned how to type properly after all these years of having my own system and am always looking to increase my speed.

Of course, you might not want to work harder, faster. In fact, if you are working for someone else, you might be looking for fun things to distract you.

Dream Cheeky USB Aquarium

That’s where the Dream Cheeky USB Aquarium comes in. This is a USB-Powered Desktop Aquarium that has swimming fish with “Life-Like Motion.”

Not only can you watch the fish as you work the day away (how stress relieving is that?) but you can feed and play with your fish with an interactive menu.

Your job may not be your dream job, but at least you’ll have something to look forward to.

Dream Cheeky USB Kitty

Then there is a whole different kind of animal with the Dream Cheeky USB Kitty. This is not a fun pet that you take care of.

Actually, it kind of takes care of you.

This animated cat figure used V.M.S. (Vision, Motion, Sound) Technology and an infrared sensor that detects movements to alert you of any intruders. The kitty meows, hisses and sings melodies to let you know of any folks nearby.

It gets even creepier when you personalize your kitty by choosing its name, gender and birthday.

There is also an animated screen saver and an events calendar, complete with a timer/alarm function that comes with the kitty cat.

It’s no guard dog, but I guess it’s another option to consider.

Cube Works USB Chameleon

And if you are just looking for an animal to hang out with, the Cube Works USB Chameleon is perfect.

He is surprisingly cute and lifelike and can sit atop your desktop or curl around the edge of your laptop’s screen.

When he’s plugged in, he rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue, as chameleons are apt to do.

I was a little disappointed that he didn’t do more (I was hoping he’d change colour), but I love him all the same.

And the great thing about having a chameleon this was is that it’s all the entertainment without the feeding, caring and wondering, “Huh. I thought he was here a minute ago…”

Dream Cheeky USB Fridge

All right, you might think this is one of those useless toys that people buy for other people and never gets used.

But think about it – you are at your computer all day and of course you’re going to be sipping on something much of the time.

If you are drinking pop, juice or other cold beverages, wouldn’t it be nice if it stayed cold?

That’s what I thought.

This teeny tiny little fridge holds just one can, but just think – you don’t have to get up as often and your drink will always be cold.

I know it’s not a big thing, but sometimes that can make all the difference in your day!

Mini Disco Light

Okay, so this one might seem superfluous, but just think – you could ask friends over for some apps and cocktails, pick a playlist off your computer and set get the party started with this little disco light that makes you wanna throw your hands in the air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care.

Okay, maybe not, but it’ll be better at setting the mood than that desk lamp from IKEA that you’ve had since ’98.

Connectland USB Fragrance Oil Burner

For those of you that are looking to freshen up your workspace, this fragrance oil burner is great. It’s got a 4 cm diameter hot tray and a fire free design with see-thru safety cover, so you can have a great smelling office without the worry of fire that comes with lighting candles.

USB Hub 4 Port Turtle

Not only is he the cutest little fella around, he’ll help you connect to all of your important gadgets.

I’m using him to sync my smart phone and media along with my wireless mouse and well, you get the idea.

He can expand to use all 4 ports or you can stand him up and just use his head, which takes up less room on your desk or table.

There is no external power supply or drivers – he’s ready to use and raring to go and is both PC and Mac compatible.

He’s my new favourite item on my desktop because he helps me stay connected.

I'm calling him Fred.

Stephanie Dickison

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