Your Bedroom Just Got A Little Bit Cooler Thanks to Snooze City Designs!

Your bedroom is usually the more sedate room of the house. Decorating is often focused on the living room and dining room and then the bedroom becomes a humdrum place to rest your head.

No longer, thanks to Snooze City Designs!

Launched in February 2007 by Los Angeles-based Max Azria’s son Michael and Derek Mosher, Snooze City designs offers “original bed art.”

These printed designer pillow cases will rock the joint with their bold prints of wet, red lips, crossbones, bride and groom and the mud flap girls.

I think I got the coolest of the bunch, though:

I loooove my Turntables Pillowcases!

Though I have never DJ’d, I have been a music critic for the last decade and spend a lot of time dancing around the bedroom, so they are the perfect accessory for me and every time I lay my head down, I drift off to the sounds of “Intergalatic.” Mmm.

And even sweeter are the LIMITED EDITION “Fashion Rocks"Guitar & Amp (with gold foil detailing) Pillowcases. Only 100 were made - 75 given to the performers and presenters - and now only 25 available (and they are going fast!), so get ‘em before they are gone. I can only play Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” on guitar, but when these are on the bed, I am Peter Frampton with my wah-wah pedal, rocking the house.

This makes it hard for my fella to get any rest, but he’s very supportive of my career.

And because I have never been and want to go and it adds a little romance to the bedroom which is also my office, I love seeing my Eiffel Tower Pillowcases!

We just got back from our first real vacation together, so we won’t be jetting off to Paris anytime soon, but you never know. Perhaps it’ll work as a subliminal message and we’ll be in Par-ie before the end of the year!

These pillowcases have a 210 thread count, are 73% cotton, 27% nylon and can be machine washed on cold. They are white and crisp and feel oh-so-good! There are 2 per pack and are standard size.

These pillowcases have given our bedroom the edge it needed.

And now, every night before I close my eyes, I do a little air guitar of the beginning of John Lee Hooker's "The Healer."

I can't think of a better way to fall asleep.

Okay, maybe one.

But still. Rockin' your way to sleep is right up there,

Stephanie Dickison

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