Red Maloo Makes Funky Accessories For Apple Laptops, iPods and Mobile Phones

Red Maloo is a place to find all you need for your electronic devices.

Fun, funky, yet simple designs by hettler.tűllman allow you to cover your mouse, phone, iPod and laptop in style!

I loooove the smart and sleek design of the laptop sleeve. A layer of thick, yet soft felt folds around your laptop like a present, yet when you unfold it, it creates a complete workplace, including an integrated mousepad! Isn’t that great?

It comes in a host of colours, but I think the orange is where it’s at!

I think their shoulder bags are the bomb and they come in 5 styles – Trip, Carry-on, Navigator, Shuttle and the Transit (temporarily sold out). They are perfect for traveling in comfort and style, but I’m going to use it more than that. They’re just too good looking to keep in the closet until your next trip!

Actually, if I had the money, I’d get one of each of their products because the quality of materials and the simple, yet chic designs just can’t be beat!

Here’s hoping they come out stuff for the house next. Wouldn’t it be fun to wrap your mattress, pillows and paper notebooks in the same fashion?

Stephanie Dickison

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