The Most Sumptuous Leather Bags and Purses Can Be Found at Helena de Natalio

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

The rich feel of thick leather.

The softness that is inherent in its material, and yet, somehow over time and use, its buttery softness continues.

No one does distressed leather bags, purses and clutches like Helena de Natalio.

Designed and produced in Buenos Aries, these bags are socially responsible and all have incredible handmade detailing, one-of-a-kind textured linings, hidden mirrors, key chains and the line’s signature – a braided-leather tassel interwoven with chains, giving your look that edge and rocker chic that you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars for elsewhere.

What I love most about these bags is they are so sumptuous. People will take them from you and try them on, run their hands over them and claim them for their own if you’re not careful.

And they have a soft leather smell that will entice you while you shop. How ‘bout that? You just don’t see bags like this outside of the high-end designer lines that will cost you as much as your mortgage.

These bags are also simple, refined and timeless, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style by next season.

And if that’s not enough to sway you, designer Helen Hoppock “personally ensures that fair wages, healthy work environments and no child labour are used in the production of the accessories and donates a percentage of proceeds each year to an Argentinean non-profit.”

Can you say that about your Birkin, Hobo or Baguette?

There is a style and colour for whatever outfit you’re currently rocking.

I loooove my Ella Wristlet in Dark Brown with its feminine pleated body and edgy chain and leather woven handle! Helen was kind enough to include a whole bunch of pockets, so you can dump your bulky wallet and just stash your necessities within.

I am going to a beauty event at a very posh place next week where the purses run many thousands of dollars. I am taking my Ella Wristlet and know it will be the best purse there.

I love the roomy Magy that can hold everything you could ever need! It comes in a Dark Teal that I think is a wonderful pop against the usual black coats that we don all season.

The Leti is a beautiful large bag and I love it in gun metal gray. The Balde is the perfect slouchy over-the-shoulder bag and though it comes in perfect gray and brick red, I’m thinking Bone is the way to go. I’m not over white yet, are you? And the top knot at your shoulder is so sexy and chic. And if that’s too much bag for you, get the Mini Balde. In Brick Red, with the knotted top, it’s perfect for fall walks and shops!

For an everyday, schlepping books and files back and forth to the office, may I suggest the Nena? In Milk Chocolate Brown or Midnight Black, this sturdy handled bag with feminine ties at the side is the perfect way to stand out from the rest during the commute.

And for just a rockin’ purse for any occasion, the Atada with its braided leather tie front, comfy, slouchy look and double-braided handle is a must. It’s old and new Hollywood all rolled into one and it’s so reasonable, you’re going to want it in all four colours!

The amazing style and quality of these bags will have you wondering how they be offered at such reasonable prices.

I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining.

Helena de Natalio are the nicest leather bags. You’re going to get hooked on them, just like I did.

But hey, if you’re going to have a vice, at least this one isn’t bad for your health.

Stephanie Dickison

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