iSkin Makes The Coolest iPod Accessories!

I love a company that makes your stuff look even better.

And no one does it better than iSkin, a Canadian company that makes your iPod rock the joint even more with their cool skins and accessories (not to mention their beautiful packaging)!

They have so much crazyfun stuff at their website that you will undoubtedly spend a whack of time and money there.

And it will be sooooo worth it!

I love, love, loooove the tokidoki designs by artist Simone Legno that cover the solid iPod. Now your iPod is protected AND undeniably the coolest looking gadget in the room! The sassy, sexy girls mixes with cute cartoon creatures is sure to wow the crowd wherever you are! I’m hoping she comes out with laptop covers one day soon, but in the meantime, I love my iPod more than ever now with tokidoki surrounding it. Get one for your iPod. You’ll be sure to find it in the size you need.

If you’re still rocking the Shuffle, they’ve come out with the Shuffle Duo which has a dual layer silicone protector. The one I got was marine blue with electric lime dial cover – sweet! And there is a beautiful army green one for the Nano that I’d highly recommend as well!

And iSkin is always right on top on what’s happening - their revo is the Premium Protection for the iPhone – and may I also say, incredibly sleek looking.

The black rubber outfitting goes around the edges while the protective privacy film with anti-glare, giving it 360 degrees of protections. You also get an ultra-clear impact resistant screen visor and for those germaphobes, there is embedded anti-microbial protection and a dust-repelling microtouch surface.

Now that’s a cared phone for, wouldn’t you say?

But it’s not just about the iPod. It’s about the accessories.

Two of the greatest accessories I’ve come across are the iSkin Cerulean X1 Stereo Dynamic Earphones and the iSkin Cerulean Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver.

The earphones have sound pressure sensitivity, noise isolating silicone earbuds, bass enhancing sound chamber technology. And they are freakin’ gorgeous to look at. Mmm. Ear candy.

The wireless stereo transmitter and receiver is also gorgeous (so tiny and sleek!) and is designed to wirelessly connect your iPod, computer or audio device to your speaker system, so your iPod becomes a kind of remote control.

The quality of sound is amazing and of course, the Bluetooth technology makes it possible for you to use it in pretty much every room for every application – watching movies, listening to music.

I don’t know how I lived without it this long.

And I’ll tell you this, iSkin is now as much a part of my day as my laptop, cuppa coffee and dinner with my fella.

Check out their stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

(p.s. I love them so much I wear a t-shirt with their logo on it. The only logo t-shirt I’ve worn since my Coca-Cola rugby shirt in 1985).

Stephanie Dickison

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