Instead of Throwing Away That Baggie, Make A Sound, Environmental Choice with Wrap-n-Mat Sandwich Wrap and Placemat in One!

I hate seeing all of those bags, cling wrap and aluminum foil being tossed away in school yards and offices.

It is such a waste and doing considerable environmental damage.

So when I saw the Wrap-N-Mat, I was thrilled that someone had come up with a fun solution!

This easy to use wrap (it comes with a Velcro closure) is washable and can be used again and again! You can use it for sandwiches, cookies, and any other snack that you want to take with you on the go. When you unwrap the cloth, it becomes a placemat that you can be assured to clean and can be used anywhere!

Using the Wrap-n-Mat means a clean place for you to eat and less plastic bags and contributing to landfills!

And mine is so cute – it’s red gingham, which makes me hanker for old tyme sandwiches and fare! For the first time in years, I’m craving jello and homemade potato salad!

The outside is fabric (so many to choose from!) and the inside is PEVA, which can be simply wiped after use and used again and again.

I love my Wrap-N-Mat. I want to buy them for everyone I know.

And you know, Christmas isn’t so far away…

Stephanie Dickison

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