Great Gift Ideas for that Upcoming Birthday or Housewarming Party from TABLETOPICS, Gianna Rose Atelier, The SmartShopper and The Giftbag Factory

Here are some fantastic gift ideas that will make shopping a whole lot easier. So easy in fact, that you may just end up picking up 2 or 3!

Happy Shopping!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor of the knack


Need a gift for someone that you don’t know that well or someone that you’d like to know better? TABLETOPICS Conversation Starters comes in a variety of kinds – Original, Family, Teen, Couples, Girls Night Out, Spirit and Book Club – so you can get the one best suited to that person.

The colourful cube contains cards with crazy questions that will get the conversation going.

Who makes you laugh the hardest?
Is intelligence or common sense more important?
In which era would you like to have grown up?

It’s one of those games that though you might be unsure of it when you begin, after just a few minutes, you’ll be totally engaged, and it’s amazing what you learn about friends, colleagues and even what strangers will tell you about themselves!

This is a great gift for someone that either you know really well or that you don’t know at all – it’s really a gift that everyone will enjoy. Just make sure to serve a little wine and snacks along with it – deep pondering about your opinions and likes and dislikes can bring on the munchies!


The most beautiful soaps and candles in the world can be found here at Gianna Rose Atelier, where artisans create soaps beyond your wildest dreams!

The Magic Frog is one of the neatest candles I’ve ever seen. His palm green exterior is shiny and a big smile lets you know he is the friendliest of frogs. He smells of water lily and sits on lily-pad shaped dish! Now you can have company without all the hassle!

But it gets better. I was worried that it would be sad to watch him melt into a puddle but Gianna Rose Atelier ensures a “clean burn isolated to the core of the candle” so that the shapes “will hold their own for many hours.” Phew!

And a perfect fall treat to bring to a housewarming or dinner party is the Pinecone & Acorn-Shaped Soaps in Slider Box. This beautiful little nesting of fragrant (Night Blooming Jasmine, Sandalwood and Pine), delicate soaps are the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen. And you’ll be pleased to know that they contain wheat bran, which provides gentle exfoliation, so now only are these soaps so pretty, they should be used.

And for your friend that deserves the very best, may I suggest TrĂ©sors des Mers – Seashell Shaped Soaps Nestled in a Pearlized Shell Dish. These soaps – Treasures of the Sea – are presented in an absolutely exquisite naturally-polished, abalone shell dish and come in a letter pressed gift box.

For the avid foodie, Savons des Fruits is a perfect choice. 3 Vanilla Pear Soaps with Porcelain Leaf Dish is a wonderful gift an the white pear with vanilla, pear and cedar makes it a wonderful choice for holiday gift-giving – the box it comes in is just beautiful!

And a lovely gift for a teacher or colleague is The Owl – La Chouette. It’s a beautiful French Milled Soap in the shape of an owl that sits upon a porcelain leaf dish. It is scented with White Lychee.

These are just a few of the soaps and candles that are available at Gianna Rose Atelier. Look around and see what they have. You’ll have your Christmas shopping done in no time!

The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

I am forever going to the grocery store. Well, make that 3 grocery stores. Only one out of the three carry the soy milk I like, the other has the organic meat that I buy and the other one carries the best hot cilantro pesto that I use on everything.

So while I usually enjoy grocery shopping, sometimes it can be stressful and time-consuming and hard to keep track of what I need from where.

That is why bells rang and light came from above when I saw The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer.

This amazing device looks like the handheld ATM pin card that you punch “OK” into at the store.

It is magnetized, so you can stick it on your fridge and never worry about forgetting what you are out of.

It works like this:

You press the “Record” button and say what you are out of, like “Pickles.”

It then will give you a choice of options, one of which will hopefully be “pickles” – it takes a short while for it to configure to your voice, but I found it to pick up on what I said 95% of the time.

You select “Pickles” from the list of options and it adds it to your list.

You do this for all of the items in which you are out of or want to get.

Then you can bring the machine with you to the store…


That’s right! You hit print when you’re ready to go shopping and out comes your list in a slim, neat, easy to read list!

Oh, and did I mention IT CATEGORIZES IT FOR YOU?!! Yep – it puts it into categories for you. So it’s not just picking up items that will go into the Fresh Produce, Laundry Supplies or Packaged Meat sections. There are sections on Tobacco Products, Pet Care, Pudding/Pie Filling, Insecticides, Health & Beauty and Office Supplies/Toys.

So now your list is streamlined into a way of getting in and out of the supermarket with ease – produce is all together (under a heading so that it is easy to see quickly), dairy is all together. It is such a dreamy way of shopping that if you’ve disliked shopping before, this might just change your mind.

But my very favourite part is the ERRANDS section.

Often, you are not just heading out to the grocery store, but have to stop and get LOTTERY TICKETS, get a MONEY ORDER, go to the TRAVEL AGENT, WORKOUT and then pick up wrapping paper at the CARD SHOP and stop at the LIQUOR STORE on the way home.

All of those errands on in the SmartShopper and can be added to your list in a second – so you don’t have to worry that you’re forgetting to do something.

There is every kind of errand on here – ACCOUNTANT, ATM, FEDEX, LIBRARY, HAIRCUT, WASH CAR, and even PSYCHIC should that be something you do during the week.

Which means, you can just say what you need to do and what things you need to pick up, print out your list and then go do it – there’s no weighing your mind down with trying to remember everything or feel overwhelmed.

You just take your list and go down it.


Wouldn’t you love to make shopping and errands less stressful and time consuming?

The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer is one of the most helpful, innovative products I’ve ever seen and used.

Next time you see someone with their harried list written in scrawl on the back of a torn envelope in the store, you’ll remember how difficult it used to be.

Ahh. Doesn’t it feel good not to have to live that way anymore?

I thought so.

The Giftbag Factory

It used to be that giving someone their present in a gift bag meant that you were simply lazy or a bad wrapper.

Now, however, it is as much about the bag as the present. And nowhere have I found prettier, rich quality bags than The Giftbag Factory.

They have this incredible texture that is strong and won’t rip or tear like those ones you’ve been getting at the dollar store. They have lovely, sturdy handles so that you can actually put something over an ounce in the bag and it won’t break!

But aside for the incredible strength and quality, these bags are gorgeous! So much so I just want to hand them up around the bedroom, instead of putting them away in the closet until the next gift-giving occasion.

There are beautiful holiday ones with penguins prancing in the snow (designed by foxy & Winston), vintage-y Christmas ornaments silhouetted against modern colours and ice skaters swirling on the ice circled by Christmas trees.

The romantic fella singing a tune to his Victoria gal makes a great Valentine bag, as does this large pink heart with matching handle. And from Sesame Letterpress, the two birds entwined with “I love you” in script underneath says it all.

I love the modern designs and graphic flowers from seraph, which I think it is a fantastic all-purpose bag, suitable for everything from a bridesmaid gift to a lovely way to give a birthday gift.

I loooove these bags because they are not only beautiful, but they make the whole gift-giving process a heckuva lot easier!

Stephanie Dickison

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