DaLish Cosmetics Makes Looking Beautiful Quick and Easy!

According to the DaLish Cosmetics website, “The DaLish woman is the hard working, superfabgorg gal who doesn’t always have time to rummage around to find everything needed to complete her look and wants it all in a grab and go canister!”

Sound like anyone you know?!

This is indeed the perfect solution for the hurried gal who really doesn’t have time to root around the bathroom cabinet, vanity drawers or purse for what she needs!

The compact pink and grey canister (which is fully recyclable!) includes 3 Foundations/Concealers, 3 Eyeshadows (that can be used on both eyes and lips), Highlighter, Blush, Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner and 2 Lipglosses – which really, is everything that you could possibly ever need! And it’s crueltry-free!

Woo hoo!

For the foundation, you mix from 3 bottles to get the shade that looks best for your skin. You can then use that amount of drops to make your own special formulation! Now that’s smart!

The liquid eyeliner and mascara are jet black and perfect for standing out at that evening event! And the eyeshadow, highlighter and blush all come in what looks like slim lip gloss containers, but don’t worry – Melanie, the creator of DaLish, has put symbols denoting whether you use it on your eyes, cheeks or lips, so it’s easy-peasy! You’ll wonder why more companies don’t do this!

Everything goes on easy and smooth and I love the colour range – very natural and soft. It’s perfect for everyday, but can easily be glammed up with the highlighter for an more dramatic look for after dark!

If you are looking for a fun and easy makeup line, DaLish is it! I recommend it for not only yourself, but as a great gift for friends and colleagues!

Stephanie Dickison

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