Art School Girl Rocks My World With Her Stationery Made From Vintage Books, Paper and Cloth

So you know how the Sixties and Seventies clothing, furniture and design have all become cool now with their modern twists?

Well, Art School Girl (nee: Amy Rowan) has done that and then some with stationery and office supplies, creating unique and one-of-a-kind (and often limited edition) letters, cards, journals and bookmarks to name just a few.

She uses vintage picture book pages, clippings from books and vintage book art to make contemporary stationery with an old-school feel. And boy do they rock the house!

One-of-a-kind cards featuring original clippings from vintage books and carefully stitched to brown cardstock are perfect for any occasion. This young man with his hands in his pockets with what looks like a green Number One at his side will be travelling via post soon to a very lucky recipient. What a fun card!

I love the in bed card, which is an original Chinese fortune “freed from cookies and carefully affixed to red cardstock” and IN BED written after the fortune. I can’t wait to give it to my fella as a small thank you for all of his love and support while I’ve been working in front of the computer these last few months. What a fantastic idea!

The write wood card is a handcut woodgrain appliqué and comes in 5 icons. I got the cloud and will probably send it out to my neighbours who are all about wood paneling. They are going to love it!

The bird shirt cards are so wonderful, I wish I’d thought of it myself! Swatches of bird print fabric “rescued from a discarded nurse shirt” is “carefully affixed to brown cardstock” and is of course a limited edition. It is one of the best cards I’ve ever seen and though I know it is meant to be sent and shared, I may have to keep it here on my desk awhile. Yep. It is that purdy.

The merry little cards are perfect with the holidays just around the corner! These Limited Edition beauties – letterpressed notecards and handmade envelopes from “a bolt of wrapping paper circa 1930, along with a vintage gummed label.” It is so beautiful and delicate that it is going to take me some time to think of who to send it to. Thank goodness I have a couple of months still…

If you’re looking for notesets though, don’t worry – Amy’s got your covered! These one-of-a-kind treasures – Ani-Mail and Moon Mail (animal or moon themed) envelopes are “die-cut in small lots for choice selection. Each envelope is then converted from vintage picture book pages—hand folded and glued in the studio.” Isn’t that amazing? It Includes fold-over note, envelope seal and address label. You better believe I’m sending these puppies out tomorrow! I can’t wait to share them with my friends!

I got a lovely one of a kind per-suede journal II with a bookplate on the front – Contents:__________ Date:___________ and library pocket in the back. Inside are vintage endpages (mine has lovely bunnies) and is it all saddle-stitched together- with great care and love!

And don’t forget an original bookmark! Reading just isn’t the same without one!

Art School Girl makes incredibly original works, obviously done with a love of love and care. And they are so incredibly cheap for the amount of work that goes into them, you’d be crazy not to buy them by the box!

So if you get a card in the next few days with an insanely happy girl in pigtails that looks like it came from a book from your childhood, you’ll know where it came from.

Art School Girl ROCKS!

Stephanie Dickison

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