Zents Makes the Most Incredible Smelling Soaps, Perfumes, Lotions and More!

I am always in search of great smelling products – those ones where you can’t stop sniffing your wrist misted in perfume or your hands because of the intoxicating soap or lotion – and I have found the ultimate aromas at ZENTS!!!

ZENTS has created 10 pure scents that will delight you into a giggling frenzy. The scents are so pure and fresh that to smell them results in instant relief and blissful dreams.

There is mandarin, earth, fig, fresh, ore, petal, pear, sun, oolong and water and each of their products is available in the scents. So should you want their eau de toilette, lotion, hand and shower wash, soap, candles and many other varieties, you can get the smells you love in the fashion that you need.

The packing is beautiful, simple and serene, like their products and make not only exquisite gifts but are absolute musts for yourself if you love great quality products that smell so fresh and clean, you will want to get rid of all other fragranced lotions, etc!

I tried ZENTS Eau de Toilette Spray in Ore, which is a sexy and intoxicating scent of Bay laurel, clove, black pepper, bergamot, violet, orris and jasmine – and all day I sniffed at my wrists, intrigued by how the fragrance developed over time and become richer and more complex.

It is one of those scents that you keep closing your eyes at, trying to capture the essence in one word or essence. It has that rich smell of jasmine and light notes of violet so it is incredibly difficult to describe, only that it will smell different on each person and on me, it smells like a light cologne with a hint of fall leaves and cool evenings. I absolutely adore it and will continue searching for words to describe its alluring scent.

I was blown away by ZENTS Ultra Rich Shea Butter Soap in Fresh! Not only is it a rich lathering soap but it’s creaminess left my skin feeling ultra taken care of. And the Fresh scent? It’s like the scent I’ve been looking for all of my life – like clean, soapy water, it makes me feel refreshed and oh-so-clean, which to me, is the best feeling of all. I want to drown myself in Fresh for the rest of my days.

But it is ZENTS Lotion in Sun that I cannot get over. How they managed to get something to smell like sunshine is just unbelievable to me – but they did!

With sensuous an warm vanilla, sweet orange, pink grapefruit and sandalwood, this lotion smells like sand, sea and sunshine all at once! It is the most comforting smell to cover yourself in and I think it is a great remedy for when its cold and our streets are covered in snow – how can you let that get you down when you smell like sunshine?

The rich shea butter is so luxurious that you feel moisturized all day long and with ingredients like extracts of chamomile and St. John’s Wart to soothe your skin, you will be getting up just a little earlier to slather yourself in this sunshine-in-a-bottle.

I have had the honour to see a lot of wonderful things come across my desk, folks, and ZENTS are simply one of the best.

Stephanie Dickison

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