The Hydrabrush Express is Like No Other Toothbrush!

Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Oral & Dental Care Product of The Year Award 2005, the Hydrabrush Express is not only fascinating, but a little bit crazy at first glance!

This power toothbrush has 2 heads which hold 8 micro brushes to get the top bottom and sides of your teeth – which means less time spent brushing!

You bite down on the brush so that the heads fall on each side of your teeth and you guide it around your mouth and gums by the handle.

The sensation is kind of like your mouth is going through the car wash. Your teeth are treated to brushing on all sides and after a minute, you rinse and you come out all sparkly and clean!

Thank goodness there are 2 pressures to use so you can work your way up to the more vigorous one. I found the gentler one the best to try first, but now I’m on the stronger one.

The thing I like the most about this brush is that my gums get as much attention as my teeth and you can complete clean everything in about a minute. It is also great for areas you couldn’t reach previously, which is fantastic – just think about all those teeth you haven’t been able to get at properly!

The toothbrush takes a few tried to get comfortable and used to, but I find that to be true with most electronics and healthcare products.

Now I am using it with abandon and like the quick, back-and-forth stimulating bristle action!

Just think – whiter teeth, healthier gums, superior plaque removal, fresher breath and better checkups can all be yours with only a minute of brushing twice a day.

Brushing your teeth just got a whole lot easier – and fun!

Stephanie Dickison

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