Pamper Yourself with The Art of Shaving’s Perfect Shave

The Art of Shaving has introduced products formulated and designed especially for women called The Perfect Shave.

I love a line that specifies in shaving products for women, only because we all know that we were not made equal and neither is our skin.

The line is aromatherapy based made with botanical ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

I like the idea of shaving, exfoliating and then moisturizing as it seems the best – and most complete – way to achieve soft, smooth skin, so I was excited to try 3 products from The Perfect Shave that allowed me the luxury to try them in conjunction with one another – and to see if there was a difference.

The Tangerine & Eucalyptus Essential Oils Body Scrub with Rhassoul Clay exfoliates your body like crazy! The heady, energizing aroma of eucalyptus fills the bathroom while the tiny little grains (it looks like ground coffee) go to work on taking away your rough skin, leaving you with silky limbs, mid section and the rest.

It is free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances and dyes and with ingredients like rhassoul clay from North Africa (known to detoxify and cleanse the skin), tangerine and grapeseed oil, your skin will be silky all over. Just wait until the colder weather – you’re really going to want this then.

The Rose Absolute Shaving Cream is made from freshly picked rose petals and coconut oil, but all you’re going to smell is roses. In fact, you might want to leave the lid off, it smells so good.

It is thick and heavy with a mother-of-pearl sheen – this is not your regular drugstore brand. And because it’s thick, it stays on, moisturizing your leg the entire time.

And the roses keep on coming with Rose Absolute After-Shave Body Milk, which moisturizes deeply despite it not being a thick cream – this is due to shea and kokum butters, pure extract of chamomile and calendula, along with other vitamins and extracts. There’s no oily residue, just the light scent of roses that will follow you throughout the day.

So you’re moisturized and soothed and smelling all purdy.

Isn’t that just about the best damn thing?

Stephanie Dickison

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