Making Soda at Home is Fun, Easy and Affordable with Soda Club!

You can make freshly made soda or seltzer at home in seconds, thanks to Soda-Club!

I tried the Fountain Jet Edition 1 Startup Kit that comes with the Soda-Club Maker, 1 Alco2Jet Carbonator (makes approx 110 L of seltzer), 2 Carbonating Bottles and 48 liters of soda, including exciting flavours like Cranberry Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Pink Grapefruit and old favourites such as diet and regular cola! There are over 20 flavours to choose from.

It’s great because you can control how much you make and when, as well as the amount of flavour and fizz per bottle!

Also, there are low carb, sugar and sodium options to fit in with your dietary needs.

It will also save you lugging up cases and bottles home from the store and you will help the environment by not purchasing and then disposing of all of those cans and bottles.

It works out to less than 50 cents a bottle and the home soda-makers come with a 3-year warranty!

But that’s not the best part – it’s having your friends over, custom-making fresh drinks of their choice and watching their expressions of wonder as you show them how it’s done.

It’s fast and easy. You put a bottle of cold water in the machine, press the button the number of times you wish to increase carbonation, add your flavoured syrup, turn the bottle once upside to blend and voila – homemade soda!

The only question remains – what flavours will you choose?!

Stephanie Dickison

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