The Cookie Diet and The Cinch Inch Loss Plan May Help You Lose Weight!

There are a million diet plans out there and I’m certainly no expert.

I haven’t tried them all. But I did try two that I thought might be of interest to you.

Specifically, I was looking for ways to lose weight while maintaining my hectic schedule and my job as a restaurant reviewer. I needed something quick and on the go that I could supplement with exercise and smart food choices (despite the glorious, but highly-caloric restaurant dishes!).

So I chose Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, where the cookies are not a low calorie food, like you might expect, but a “hunger controlling food.”

I received bags of blueberry cookies which contained 6 cookies, which were suppose to be a one day supply.

I thought it might be a good way to keep me going and still enjoy the occasional meal.

Now when I say cookie, I should clarify – while they do resemble cookies in appearance, they are not sweet and these in particular were very dense and heavy. No wonder they fill you up enough that you don’t want to eat anything else!

In fact, the package suggests consuming 6 cookies a day along with water, which I found to be impossible. I could only handle one cookie a day, two at the most.

So, while it did fit in with my schedule, I didn’t follow the plan as suggested.

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan seems more complex at first glance, but it’s easier to follow because you get a whole whack of chocolate shake mix (complete with plastic container to mix and drink), energy tea mix, 3-in-1 boost supplements, a pedometer, measuring tape and 10 bars – chocolate decadence, peanut butter crunch and lemon cranberry. Mmm.

There are also daily journals and a success guide complete with DVD Coach to help you along!

It all comes in a well-designed box that really makes it seem like you’ve got everything you need to lose weight – you just follow the instructions. What could be easier? !

The way this system works is that the products have Leucine, which helps you keep muscle and protein to keep you feeling full.

I found it easy to fit most of the components of this system into my crammed schedule – shake in the morning, bar in the afternoon and then proceed with a sensible dinner.

This whole system approach really appealed to me and I felt like although I wasn’t as consistent as I’d like to be, it still made a difference.

As for whether these diets work or not is hard to say, as I didn’t follow them completely as instructed – every day, every meal, etc.

I did use them intermittently and found that after a couple of months I seemed slimmer.

It could be a fa├žade. I could just be dreaming.

But think of it this way – wouldn’t you rather find out eating bars and cookies and having chocolate shakes than consuming pots of cabbage soup, working out for 2 hours a night or spending all that money on walking weights and equipment?

Stephanie Dickison

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