Body Bistro – 100% Vegan, Ayurvedic Wellness Products That Do Your Body and Soul Good!

Carina Chatlani studied with monks who honour the spirit of plants.

She is the founder and president of Body Bistro, an incredible collection of facial and body treatments and products that not only make you feel good, but adhere to the bylaws of Ayurveda “with wisdom and knowledge passed on by sages from the Village Pharmacies of India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma and Indonesia.”

The Ayurvedic ways not only make their presence known in mere ingredients, but in the instructions listed on the bottles are jars. Everything is asked to be applied with “good intention.”

Now isn’t that a wonderful way to start and end your day – with good intentions and all-natural ingredients?!

The lovely and tender Apricot & Lavender Soothing Serum kept my skin nourished and revitalized and the clear jade Green Apple & Neem Eye Jelly catered to my tired and puffy eyes! With a very small amount, I was able to rejuvenate my skin immediately and with the reminders of having “good intentions,” I felt a calm and peacefulness that isn’t normally a part of my early morning or late night skin care routine (It wasn’t until after I used them that I found out that every bottle is blessed with chants and mediations! Isn’t that amazing?).

What beautiful products. I felt so good using them, it was like therapy for both my spirit and body!

I love the fresh get-up-and-go fragrance and feel of the Grapefruit & Gotu Kola Shower Gelle. It has a lovely, long-lasting foam that makes you feel clean all over and natural ingredients like grapefruit peel oil (an astringent) and turmeric (fights free radicals). And for a relaxing bath, there’s nothing better than a slightly sweet soak in Tapioca & Soy Milk Bath Infusion! Mmm.

And although these products are soothing and wonderful, you should know that they house powerful antioxidants, moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients as well! I mean, they’ve got to work, right?

And they do.

And they do all of that while being non-toxic, biodegradable, chlorine-free, petroleum-free, phosphate-free, sulfate-free, acid-free, not tested on animals and100% certified vegan.

I want to support a company that thinks about the soul as much as about the skin. And I’m not the only one - Halle Berry, Queen Latifah and Gina Gershon are all rockin’ the BB.

Go ahead. Now it’s your turn.

Honor the plants, your spirit and your skin. You won't regret it.

Stephanie Dickison

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