Blends for Friends Is Tea Made Especially for You

In my career as a writer and journalist, I have had the great opportunity to do some extraordinary things.

And I’ve just added one more thing to the list.

Alex Probyn is a master tea blender, who, upon asking you a number of questions about yourself through his website Blends for Friends, will blend a tea for you based on the answers to those questions.

Part intuitive, part craft, this incredible experience is not only neat to do for yourself, but makes a great anniversary or wedding present for couples and a very personal gift to a dear friend.

The tea arrives in an exquisite brushed silver tin contained in a thick black box. It includes a booklet that says in part:

“Your tea has been carefully chosen, tasted, blended and hand picked based on information regarding your personality traits, kindly provided by the person who gave you this gift. Try as you may, you’ll never be able to buy this in the shops, as it is totally individual and bespoke to you, but don’t worry, whenever you run out, I’ll be happy to make you more…”

So like your horoscope, this tea is indicative of your personality and preferences.

And if you get this tea as a gift, you can email Alex and he’ll tell you what the person said about you. Full disclosure – I like that.

“Steph’s Own Brew,” as Alex called came out to be “a blend for one who enjoys the finer flavours in life. A well-mannered and good-natured infusion with a curious character that has golden tips and green visual features – the perfect accompaniment to a good book or creative thought.”

And the ingredients for my tea?

“Only the finest quality tea: Chinese Yunnan for vibrant green colour and good-natured character. Bai Hao Silver Needle for the finest flavour, Italian Calendula for golden tips and Chinese Chrysanthemum for a touch of the more curious.”

My brewed cups were interesting as I paid so much attention to the tea – all the meanings swirling around to evoke a little bit of me – that it was a little overwhelming.

But the tea was simultaneously refreshing and soothing with layers of flavours dancing upon my palate. And the quality of the leaves? Incredible. The Chrysanthemum flowers were fully intact when I popped them into my teapot and watching all of the different tea leaves swirling around was a little like looking into a crystal ball, waiting to see what would be revealed.

I think Blends for Friends is one of the greatest gifts to give or receive. I certainly feel honoured to have had a tea made especially for me.

Just imagine how your friends and family will feel!

Stephanie Dickison

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