Planning Ahead

Although it is only June, I have just received my new calendars for 2008.

I know, I know. It seems crazy, doesn’t it? But in my business, so much of it is about planning ahead. And now with my book coming out next year, the planning part of my life just increased ten fold.

So I went to the experts of Quo Vadis. They’ve been around since 1928, so they know what they’re doing.

And they have a system that’s suitable for all types of lifestyles and businesses, so if you want something pocket size to jot down appointments or something desk size to refer to throughout the day, they’ve got it.

I got 2 – one for my desk and one for while I’m on the go:

The Quarter # 26 (9 ½ x 11 ¾) which is one week on two pages, with appointments every 15 minutes.

It is spiral bound and has tear-off corners to allow me to go to the current week immediately.

The paper is so great! There is no bleeding onto the next page, so my appointments remain in one place and one place only! I just love that!

My sweet little Notor # 21 is small enough to keep in my bag to access while I’m out at meetings or need to make an appointment while I’m at a restaurant.

It is one page per day, which is great because I can write as big as I like or scrawl a note quickly if I need to and not worry about going over into the next day’s events (it’s been known to happen…)

I got it in bright teal so I can see it easily in my big bag of notebooks (a writer’s life!) and love its thick bumpy cover that I can refill with next year’s calendar.

Having planners that suit your needs really makes it easy to plan ahead.

Now if only they could help me with all this writing…

Stephanie Dickison

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