La Piana Makes Authentic Italian Fare

10:36 am

After the last episode of The Sopranos last night, I was aching for some authentic Italian fare to soothe and comfort me.

There is no better place to look than La Piana products.

I started with La Piana Original Italian Tarallini which are ring-shaped breadsticks from Apulia, made simply with wheat flour, white wine and olive oil.

I think Tony would approve.

I then put together a little tray with Grilled Eggplant, which is packed in oil with herbs and spices and contain no preservatives, alongside side some vegetables and Artichoke & Mushroom Bruschetta Topping on fresh bread.

Earlier in the day I had cooked up their Potato Gnocchi, which are 80% potato and only take 6 minutes to cook. I made a brown butter and sage sauce to drizzle over them, as an homage to Artie Bucco and Vesuvio’s.

And I also made their Ravioli with Squash Filling that I think would be a staple of Miss Carmela.

There are many other amazing items such as vinegars, oils, pastas, risottos and spreads, which I’m going to try.

Now that the Sopranos are over, I will have to make due with recreating ricot, baked ziti and chicken parm on my own.

It’s not the same, but at least it’ll be authentic.

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