Clearly Good Water

I love flavoured water as I am always on a quest to drink more throughout the day and changing it up from plain ol’ tap, if even just a little, helps up my intake.

But not all waters are created equal.

That’s why I went to the water experts – Clearly Canadian.

This Vancouver-based company has created a line of Enhanced Daily Waters (non-carbonated) that not only give you the added benefits of vitamins and nutrients, but they taste great too!

dailyENERGY is fortified with taurine and caffeine to keep your energy levels high. It comes in raspberry and grapefruit flavours.

dailyHYDRATION is the only certified organic essence water and comes in refreshing orange and lemon – and zero calories per bottle!

dailyVITAMIN with hints of blueberry and an exciting tropical blend, offers you a great taste and the peace of mind that at least you’ll get a few vitamins into you today!

I like them because these waters are just mildly flavoured, so you aren’t getting an overpowering taste of sweeteners or fruits but just a hint. Just enough to make it interesting, I think.

Clearly Canadian has been around since 1988 and supports Global Water – an international, non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving access to safe water supplies in developing countries.

These are the guys that I want to get my water from.

And soon, thanks to them, I’ll be up to 8 glasses a day.

Stephanie Dickison

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