Chef’n Around

I love kitchen gadgets and appliances.

Anything to make prep time more efficient is always of interest to me.

And no one seems to do it better than David Holcomb who designs for chef’n - an amazing line of products that will help you do the tasks you need in order to make a wonderful and memorable meal.

Peeling vegetables can be an awful task if you don’t have the right peeler – With the palmPEELER, you just slide it over your middle finger and get to peeling. It allows for you to control the movements more so you end up peeling for a shorter amount of time – Gotta love it!

My fella likes making his scrambled eggs with chopsticks and for some reason, I find this incredibly sexy. I can’t explain it, but I just do.

But I couldn’t watch him struggling with our little Vietnamese wooden ones any longer, so I got the kitchzen Cooking Chopsticks which have a great weight to them and they are stain-resistant and can take the heat up to 650 F. And they are long enough that he doesn’t have to crouch over the frying pan anymore. In fact, he can stand in front of the stove and sing to me like he often does and not worry about spattering egg everywhere.

It just got a whole lot sexier up in here.

And my favourite new gadget is the sleekstor veggiesteam. A silicone vegetable steamer that doesn’t rust and fits into almost any pot! It also has handles attached so it’s easy to remove without burning the heck out of your hands! It’s a miracle!

I spend a lot of time at the stove and all of these items have made my life a heckuva lot easier.

How many things can you say that about in your life?

Stephanie Dickison

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