A Wine Made With Women in Mind

I didn’t know that XOXO wines were made for women when I got them. I just thought they were neat pairings of wines, something that is still relatively new to the consumer market, I think.

And really, I think these wines are perfect for both sexes. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a well-balanced wine?

That’s why I’m a fan of the Passionate Pairings – two classic grape varieties in one bottle.

There are 4 blends to choose from:

- Chardonnay-Semillon

- Shiraz-Cabernet

- Sauvignon Blanc-Chenin

- Merlot-Cabernet

At only $10.95 a bottle, it is a great choice for a dinner accompaniment.

We shared our four bottles with friends and neighbours and all agreed that the blends were delightful and easy to serve alongside canap├ęs, mains and desserts.

The Shiraz-Cabernet was a favourite. We were going to pair it alongside pizza and salad, but drank it before dinner was ready. It was that good.

I later made my fella a roast chicken dinner and we had it with the Chardonnay-Semillon which was light and crisp and had a nice oak-y finish that we enjoyed.

The refreshing Sauvignon-Blanc was served with fish and asparagus and reminded me of a summer night on the deck. It was cold and rainy that night, but this young wine and light dinner brought sunshine and warm breezes to our table.

The Merlot-Cabernet was another one that we shared before dinner made it out to the table. This dry red is great on its own or with a nice steak or roast.

Next time.

Stephanie Dickison

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