The Purest Water

I was looking for a way to purify my water and I found the coolest gadget at AViVA.

The SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier from AViVA gives you safe drinking water anywhere on earth - whether you’re camping or just want to keep it on hand when traveling.

This handheld marvel is incredibly light and fast. The UV light “destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa.” And household germs like E.Coli and Staph, and travel pathogens that cause Diarrhea and Hepatitis, to name just a few.

And this is all without a single pump of the wrist or an ounce of chemicals! It happens at the touch of a button one push for 1L of water and twice for 0.5L!

It’s that easy. And it has been “proven in the field” by Appalachian Trail thru-hikers and Everest climbers,” so you know it works.

But I bet you’re wondering how it works – the pen creates an ultraviolet light that destroys the things that can make you sick. And it does it in a matter of seconds.

It comes with a little case and the peace of mind that you can travel and control the safety of your water.

I am lending this to my neighbour who is going to Antarctica soon. He is an intrepid traveler but I know that this is something that he doesn’t have and can really use.

But couldn’t we all?

In this crazy world we live in, with the SteriPEN in hand at least you’ll know that your water is safe to drink.

Stephanie Dickison

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