Powersquid Your House and See the Difference

My fella and I have long struggled with countless extension cords and moving bookcases in order to get our plugs and wiring all set up. We’ve never really found a solution.

Until now.

The award-winning flexity powersquid Surge 3000 – Calamari Edition has been a complete lifesaver and really changed how we manage all of our electronics!

Not only is this beautiful surge protector going to help our computers should a power surge occur, but we now can easily plug and unplug our many accessories!

The powersquid has 6 flexible outlets so that you don’t have to strain to pull something closer to the unit. There are 2 glowing plugs that you can see easily and a 360 degree rotating flat plug that allows you to plug the unit easily against the wall and if your place is like ours, behind many a bookshelf.

There are neat extras like Tripwire fail-safe circuit, connectivity protection, phone line splitter, a limited connected equipment warranty, and even an alarm, to mention only a few. If I tell you them all, it could get a little technical up in here, so I’ll leave you to read about it all on your own. Just know that this is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking products I’ve ever seen. It is also nice to look at - how many surge protectors can you say that about?!

With the two of us being writers – we have a lot of electronics taking up the living room and never before have all of our wires, cables and plugs been so accessible, easy to manage and safe.

For you this might be a small thing. For us, it is part of our livelihood and for the very first time, we have it all under control.

We may have to get ourselves another one though. We’ve filled up all 6 outlets and my guy has been spending a lot of time in the flat screen TV section…

Stephanie Dickison

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